Why LBJ Chose Not to Run for Reelection in 1968 – Then Attempted to Retract it

End Notes:

[1] Among other things “under his power” to ensure his reelection, in June, 1967 he had attempted to have one of his own Navy ships, the USS Liberty – with its crew of 294 – attacked and sunk by Israel, but blamed on his long-term nemesis, Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser.  The idea was to create a wave of patriotic fury and support for his planned retribution attack on Egypt, joining “little Israel” in what became known as the Six Day War.  In his deluded mind, he saw that as a way to create such popularity for himself that his reelection one year later would be guaranteed. That effort failed when Israel failed to sink the Liberty and the ship’s crew mostly survived; thus, the presidential treason had to be covered up, instead of becoming the source of his planned celebration of victory, where his actions would be extolled as those of a brilliant statesman and leader of the free world.

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