A Vietnam Veteran’s Lament: ‘What Might Have Been?’

The Vietnam-era veterans, above any other Twentieth-Century or earlier wars, deserve a kind of "make-up" honor, not only for their original service, but for the negative and desultory treatment they were met with after their return home. In Mr. Dettrey's case (as in untold others as well), still another measure of gratitude and honor is due for the medical malpractice he subsequently endured that left him disabled and consequently destroyed what was remaining of his life.

Why JFK Went to Texas

John B. Connally, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson JFK:  “He* sure seemed anxious for me to go to Texas” * John Connally (ergo, Lyndon Johnson) after Connally’s White House visit six weeks before The Big Event That was a very odd thing for President Kennedy to say, given that he had invited Texas Governor … Continue reading Why JFK Went to Texas