“Turn Every Page” Caro + Editor Gottlieb Will Star in New Movie – See the Trailer Here!

And, Why I Am Giving Them Free Advertising for Their Chicanery

[Click on image to open link to new page with link to a 2 minute trailer]

In my previous blog (October 17th) I expressed my surprise that one of my many posts regarding Robert Caro’s prevarications had made it to No. 9 on internet searches of his name. Of course it was really about my chronically shameless schlock book promotions, as I suggested folks help move it up the listing. As noted and gratefully acknowledged in an update, within a day or two it moved up to position #8!

Guess What? . . . Since then it has bounced up to #6!! (As documented below).

This may seem a bit strange to some — that I would go to the trouble of advertising a film devoted to celebrating the efforts of these famed chameleons. That word best describes (Webster: “a person who dexterously and expediently changes or adopts opinions”) the nature of people who have missed an uncountable number of instances where they actually refused “to turn the page.”

Whatever the total number of unexplainable “misses” there may be altogether, I must say, without a measure of modesty, that I have somehow personally discovered a large number of them within my first two books and these blogs. The eight previous blogs listed below contain multi-level scandals, treacheries, treasons and outright murder, through orders given to his top hench-man Cliff Carter (chief supervisor for all things criminal), including planning and executing “wetjobs” through assignments to Johnson’s hitman Malcolm Wallace.

This multiplicity of duties would require the full-time services of a CPA firm to begin to comprehend the enormous complexity of ever obtaining that number.

For a more complete synopsis of my essays referencing Caro’s works, please check out these blogs (Click on Date to Open):

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10/10/2022 “The Airplane Crash on LBJ’s Ranch in February 1961: Still Another Piece of LBJ’s Legacy Missed by Robert Caro”

6/26/2022 “A Bone-Chilling NEW Revelation: The Name and Background of Another Victim of Lyndon Johnson: Milt Paul Good, One of RFK’s Secret Special Investigators”

5/21/2022 “Contradictions Within Robert Caro’s Works: Exposing a Legacy Built on Mythology?”

12/16/2020 “Billie Sol Estes: A Sordid History Atoned: “Sol” Finally Vindicated”

12/3/2020 “Lyndon B. Johnson’s World War II Service – and “War Experiences”

3/31/2020 “Why JFK Went to Texas”

1/20/2020 “Something’s Rotten in the State of Texas” (about the murder of Bill Mason and the “suiciding” of Mason’s murderer, Deputy Sheriff Sam Smithwick)

9/11/2019 “How LBJ Tasked Economist Eliot Janeway to Prepare the Financial Industry for a “Regime Change”

4/21/2019 “How Lyndon Johnson Expropriated Control Over the Pentagon and CIA Soon After the Inauguration of the Kennedy-Johnson Administration

4/30/2019 “Another Astute Reader Notices Things that Robert Caro Overlooked”

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