New Development Exposes the FBI’s Plot to Kill Malcolm X

Fifty-Six Years After Malcolm X’s Murder, Finally Comes Direct Evidence of the FBI’s Instigation

A former New York City police officer has implicated the FBI and NYPD in the murder of civil rights leader Malcolm X on February 21, 1965. This news has actually appeared in a few MSM articles and broadcasts, though the key word there is “F-E-W”. The fact that this key information took 56 years to materialize has effectively led the public to believe that it was merely an internecine battle for dominance with the Nation of Islam, another case of: “Nothing to see here folks, move on . . .” Unless this news is widely broadcast, in order to reach the “masses” it will come and go and the well-established mythical meme will not materially change.

This long-suppressed bit of information (caused by the policeman’s understandable fear of “recriminations” as long as he was alive) is the first strong linkage ever connecting the FBI to the murder of Malcolm X, though that has been suspected by many, for decades.

Only three weeks ago, similarly new revelations produced evidence of FBI involvement in the 1969 murders of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark (see my February 3rd blog on that here). The following excerpt from that piece illustrates the familiar patterns of the hidden role of the FBI — emanating directly from Assistant Directors William C. Sullivan, Cartha “Deke” DeLoach, up the org. chart to Clyde Tolson and J. Edgar Hoover, with the implicit approval of Lyndon B. Johnson — in both of these cases, changing only the victim’s names, location and year:

The focal point of the article related to how the FBI, acting through local authorities and police, led a vicious raid on the apartment of two Black Panthers members, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, in a brutally vicious 1969 raid that resulted in their deaths.

These incidents were among the still-uncounted “less notable” FBI and CIA crimes during the 1960s LBJ era, however proofs of these events, along with others within the collective scope of all of them, serve to validate the “main events” including their involvements in the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy.   

4 thoughts on “New Development Exposes the FBI’s Plot to Kill Malcolm X

  1. The involvement of the NYPD in the assassination of Malcolm X has been well known since shortly after the event. Police informants at the time talked about this to the press and some of them were killed. The involvement of the FBI can be supposed because all major city police departments worked closely with, and were trained by, the FBI. It is easy to speculate that the FBI cleared the way for both the Malcolm X killing and the MLK killing due to the ongoing public antagonism of Hoover against all black political leaders. But what has been revealed to history is only the collusion of the police in the MalcolmX and King murders. What we need on the record is the written documentation or confessions of FBI agents involved and as far as I know no such memoirs have ever appeared. It is probably more the case that they approved these assassinations at a distance but did not get involved themselves.
    This makes the death of black leaders in the sixties somewhat different from the deaths of white leaders. The connection of the CIA to both the JFK and RFK murders has been more persuasively argued than the involvement of the FBI. The CIA seemed to be more closely involved with those killings to the extent of having CIA assets turn up around both. While the connection between LBJ and Hoover raises suspicions about his connection to the murders of black leaders, there seems to be no connection through associates between LBJ and the Kennedy’s. He has been looked at for having a strong motive to kill both and coupled with his political power and his ruthlessness in Texas, he seems to be a prime suspect. But no one has put LBJ in a room with assassination planners except Madeline Brown and a butler. Like Judith Baker her personal accounts have been disregarded by most researchers who feel uncomfortable basing a case on the account of a love interest. There is really no way to go further with speculation around LBJ until more is known about the trigger pullers. Identify them and the trail will lead somewhere. But after all these years all we have is a speculative zoo filled with names of people who could have been there given their connection to one of the prevailing theories of the origination of the “plot”. The “LBJ did it” group is only one of the three main concentrations of the research record. The evidence pointing to him is no stronger than the evidence pointing to the others.
    One explanation of the continuation of the several main theories (CIA, LBJ, Military) is that they are all closely connected in an operational sense. This might be an indication of an overall plot, the classic idea that many people in power were aware of these plots and many people gave a go ahead. This is a very political idea and it still has little traction among assassination scholars because it is just too overt and third world to take seriously as happening here. But that idea explains the trail leading everywhere just as well as paranoia does. That idea is very distasteful but it may be the sad truth that the continuing coverups are hiding, the sense that yes, it can happen here.


    1. The reason that my posts on Clint Peoples and the opening (after decades of being closed) of his “secret files” are so important is that, through his impeccable credentials, he gives credibility to the stories presented by people like Madeline Brown and Billie Sol Estes. It was his words that validated their testimony, so it is not merely “basing a case on the account of a love interest.”


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